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In South Africa, advance payment info:  ICM  ABSA  Cheque Ac# 4050920218 Branch code: 632005 Please fax the deposit slip with this order form together  to: (011) 312 4877         VAT reg no:4290184649

If your shipping company does shipping to southern African neighbouring countries there will be V.A.T charges that you claim it back at the border if you do transport. For over USD 2,500 please send to give you USD account details also you get the transport quote and add it to the total charges then we pay the transport company. This way transport company returns the export VAT free documents to us.

No cheque deposit is accepted. We release the goods only after the deposit is shown in our internet statement and is cleared. It takes up to 48 hours from other banks to ABSA account. We never make such a mistake that consider cheque deposit as money transfer.  Our prices are low because we could stop these types of fraud and not to pass fraud cost to honest customers.






  Please check the prices if VAT is not included add VAT. By ordering from our company means you have agreed to our company condition of sales on this web site.

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