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                                                       Choosing the soft serve ice cream machines in South Africa

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We wrote this guideline because many of our customers are new in this field and do not know how to choose or compare soft serve machines.

1- Brand name is important. For Mercedes, Toyota, and cars that you do not find the agent in South Africa

2- the size of output is important not the input. Small output machines are suitable for very small cafes or bars that there is not many customers the machine can not handle line of customers.

The life of compressor is also shorter. In theory 10 litre output per hour means 100 cones per hour but in winter and in cool places in ideal situation in summer and in warmer places you can not expect more than 30 or 40 cones per hour.

Machines producing less than 25 liters per hour are more a toy and not a long lasting machine.

3- It is very important that the machine be C E approved. For example Oceanpower makes two series of machines one for export CE approved and one series for local market that is not supposed to be exported out of country. Machine must be very noisy.

4- Buying an ice cream machine is a long term relationship between supplier and client make sure you get at least one year warranty and make sure you are buying from the agent. There are companies that buy out dated machines in auctions overseas and sell them cheap in South Africa, but there is no support after sales. We only support machines that are sold directly by factory for export to South Africa.

5- One or three flavour does not make much different in price but it means that the life of the output section is 3 times more and if one gets problem the other two are working.

6- The machines that have cooling system on the top keeps ice cream milk cool and prevent going sourer during the night or if sales is down for a while this saves time that you do not have to wash machine every night. Price are normally somehow more. OP138CS

7- Machines that are fully stainless steel last longer in general especially in areas close to sea. The part of the box that is not stainless steel must have long lasting special spray in the factory. The box must not be thin. heavier machine are better in general.

8- Majority of machines in South Africa are Tailor machines that cost of machines and spare parts are several times more than our brand Ocean power.

9- If you have three phase power supply is better to choose 3 phase machine, the capacity is more and not much price difference.

10- Check all the machine parts if they are built strong. Check the packaging if strong or not many machines get damaged in weak packaging during transport.

11- European compressors and other parts are more popular than Chinese ones like OP138.

12-Some machines have air pump that makes the ice cream looks bigger. This feature increases cost of machine as well.

If you do not print the Direction to our office you shall have difficulty finding it.

1 、 the reason of freezing hopper

  too much water in the mix.
 didn't drain water completely after cleaning the machine.
 stop making ice cream for a long time, but the machine is still working.
there is no mix in the machine while the machine is still working.
 the mix in two hoppers is unequal.

 NOTICE: Freezing hopper can destroy the compressor and motor. So take note and avoid it.

2 、 Why some ice cream has too much ice not milk?

  too much water
 inadequate whisking
 You didn't drain water completely after cleaning the machine.
 The mix after whisking need be kept more than 15 minute, so that the ice cream will be more delicious.
  Bad quality of the machine or mixture that you use. Dilate rate is too low. So please use the Ocean power's product.

3 、 More water more ice cream?

It is a mistake, the number of ice cream is related to dilate rate. Some ingredient in ice cream can dilate the ice cream, make more delicious. So if add too much water, will reduce the consistency of those ingredient, and weaken the dilate rate of ice cream. Then there will be more ice in the ice cream. The machine will be destroyed if there is more ice.

4 、 What is a good soft ice cream machine?

  Absolutely safety.
  Leading refrigeration and has high efficiency
  Easy to operate and has steady Proformance.
 Thorough and fast after-sales service.
  Best technology and good figure.

5 、 Oceanpower soft ice cream machine.

  Safe-passed CB certification of IECEE
  High quality - acquired the CQC certificate from the Chinese Quality Centre.
  Convenient operation - designed with the latest CAD technique.
  Leading refrigeration - applies Oceanpower patent of evaporate machine technique.
  Digital display
  Low electricity- consumption.
  Great capacity, low noise level.



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