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 Business Hand juice extractor presser


Exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Angola Mozambique Our ice cream machines are especially popular in Cape Town. Johannesburg and Pretoria

Special price 19 July 2024         Price: R1,260 incl VAT     
  Hand juice extractor presser SA

ICM Stainless Steel Manual Hand Press Juicer Squeezer Citrus Lemon Orange Pomegranate Fruit

Juice Extractor 

-Designed specially for squeezing soft fruit with skin like orange, pomegranate, grapefruit.


-Not suitable for squeezing apple, tomatoes, grape, strawberry, watermelon, pear and so on.
-Leverage principle, time and energy saving.


-Designed with two antiskid handle and an independent fruit receptacle.





ICM Hand press Juicer     Price: R1,260 incl VAT

Specification :

Material  All Food Contact Parts : 304 Stainless Steel 
Handle : Iron
Color  Sliver
Weight  7kg


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  Popcorn machine, Candy floss machines  

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