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In South Africa. Also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, DRC, Angola, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique Our ice cream machines are especially popular in Cape Town. Johannesburg and Pretoria

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conveyor Pizza Oven

ICM Pizza Conveyer R 30,000      Incl VAT  

Special price 19 June 2024  


ICM conveyor Pizza Oven

Model: WDR12

Voltage: 220V/50Hz

Power: 8.5KW
Dimensions without packing (Depth x Width x Height): 1120x605x490mm

Capacity: Approx 20 pizzas p/h
Weight: 54kg

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Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here. 

For quote please send us email: icm@lantic.net we do not accept your e mail over the phone.   
Hot Dog maker

Hot Dog maker Sa

For 7 rolls no top R1995  incl VAT

For nine Rolls no top R2,100  incl VAT

Large nine Rolls with top R 2,795




                   e mail: icm@lantic.net        Order form Proforma invoice     Direction to our office


One year warranty on all above machines

For export, If you use reputable shipping company we do not charge %15 VAT and you can deduct %15.

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el:  011 312 3393 If busy please retry in 5 minutes.            

Homepage: http://www.icmsa.co.za       Training Page

                                                         One year warranty on this item.

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Prices are strictly COD or Advance payment and we do not do any type of financing. You can contact your bank in this regards.


Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here.



 ICM Industries


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 Tel:  060 610 7549 If busy please retry in 5 minutes.


Homepage: http://www.icmsa.co.za

e-mail: icm@lantic.net