Slush macine in South Africa   ICM industries  SA  Midrand  South Africa SA  011 312 3393   or 0606107549.              In South Africa SA. Also exporting to Swaziland, Botswana, Zambia, DRC, Angola, Namibia , Zimbabwe, Mozambique Our ice cream Powder are especially popular in Cape Town. Johannesburg and Pretoria, Midrand

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Milano Soft serve ice cream powder

Our Soft serve formula is creamer than before. 

        (redesigned by best food technologists)

Our formula provide aeration inside soft serve even with Gravity soft serve machines.

A fully blended soft serve powder, designed for easy reconstitution to give a typical

soft serve formulation.  This mix will give a soft serve exhibiting excellent stand-up, overrun control and smooth creamy consistency.  This product is suitable for use in all soft serve machines. 


It has high milk content and is perfect for making the soft, creamy and smooth ice 
cream.  You do not need freezer room to store them.
Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here.
  Softserve ice cream powder sa

   Flavours includes: Vanilla,    chocolate, strawberry.

Price R 145 per bag 1.5 Kg incl VAT

 Special price 19 July 2024

Milano soft serve ICE cream powder 
Made in South Africa

 The proportion mixing water: 1.5 kg  to  3.5 litres tap water = 4 litres  Liquid
Shelf life: 1 year    

Outer packing: One box contains 8 pack of 1.5 kg ice cream powder  

Taste available: Vanilla, Strawberry,  Chocolate.

Price R 145 per bag 1.5 Kg incl VAT  

For quote please send us email: we do not accept your e mail over the phone.   

  Ice cream Powder South AfricaMilano soft serve frozen yogurt


Price R155 per bag 1.5 Kg incl VAT  (Final volume 4 litres = 40 cones )Taste available: Vanilla, Strawberry,  Chocolate.

8 bags are in one box

Expiry date: One year


     Direction: On Google Map you can search for ICM Industries and drive here.




 ICM Industries


7 of 73 Capital Hill park inside, Capital Hill commercial Estate 395 Le Roux st Midrand South Africa


 Tel:  060 610 7549 If busy please retry in 5 minutes.





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